Eating In

A bodacious, streusel-topped, moist and flavorful coffee cake is the perfect fall snack.

And tasty. No wonder the French are obsessed.

Blustery days and less daylight mean it's time to muster comfort in the kitchen.

I had the urge to make fresh tomato sauce on Saturday. I popped down to Morning Glory Farm and wrangled a slew of ripe Romas. And I do mean a slew. I got so many that I had enough leftover to make Oven-Roasted Clams in a Garlicky Tomato Pan Sauce on Sunday.

Here we go, headlong into the harvest season. Hurrah!

Grilling pizza is one of those a ha! moments in your cooking life. Try it this weekend, along with a better way to grill corn.

A dessert recipe that's fun from start to finish - plus what to do with that eggplant.

A frozen graham and chocolate base turns into a quick and fun dessert when topped with marshmallows and broiled.


Eating In