Eating In

This holiday season I’m all about simple, small-batch cooking. Already the first week of December has flown by and I’m realizing I just don’t have time for big productions this year. But I want to do a little baking and I want to eat well. On the first count, a new slice-and-bake cookie recipe from Abby Dodge comes to the rescue.

Here's a cookie for any occasion, any time of day.

As a farmer, I’ve always been fascinated by the Native American trio of crops known as the three sisters – corn, beans, and squash – and of the wisdom of growing these plants together.

The season of light is also pot roast season!

A celebration of corn, beans, squash and cranberries!

All hail dinner rolls! And let's hear it for appetizers, too.

I devised a recipe to serve a small crowd. No stand mixer needed — I've got lots of tips for hand-kneading.

Island-grown broccoli inspires supper — and it's time to talk pie.


Eating In