Eating In

Nothing brightens even the cloudiest of days more than the sight of a coffee cake topped with a boatload of buttery, cinnamon-sugar crumbles sitting on your kitchen counter.

A reader's query sparked a dive into sheet-pan recipes - and that little problem called food waste inspired a delicious (and thrifty) soup.

We're craving light and green and springy - but we still need something warm and comforting. Warm roasted vegetable salads check all the boxes.

The underrated vegetable is delicious cooked and raw; don't just use it in salads - try it in braises, soups and stews.

Can carrot tops and leek scraps save the world? Definitely not. But using them will help fight food waste – and save you money too.

It's never easy to choose between all the offerings at The Net Result.

When healthy meets delicious - we've got those recipes this week.

Everything to love here, folks!


Eating In