Small victories: Tomorrow will be two weeks since I last went to the grocery store, and we haven’t yet had to resort to eating the panettone that has been in the back of the cabinet above the fridge since 2012.

But to be honest, I have cheated. I’ve made three quick forays to farm stands: Grey Barn for a loaf of bread, a wedge of cheese, and a chocolate bar. Morning Glory Farm’s porch fridge for eggs. And Mermaid Farm for a big bag of pea shoots — on about day nine when leafy items in our fridge were scarce.

And yesterday I called The Net Result to stretch our protein supply. I paid for cod, clams, a few scallops, and smoked salmon over the phone and picked them up at the takeout window. I made a stovetop version of Vineyard Clams alla Griglia last night with canned tomatoes and white beans. Tonight, a simple roast cod with breadcrumbs. The vacuum-packed smoked salmon is an emergency item — a bit of that with some mustardy potatoes and a few capers makes a nice light supper.

The only conclusion to draw from all this is not that I’m a great planner, but that we are truly lucky to live in a place where we have alternatives to the grocery store. All we can do is be grateful and take advantage of these options; our farmers and fishermen, having lost wholesale accounts, need our direct business now.

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