I thought I’d cleverly hide my obvious infatuation with cherry tomatoes and fresh corn this week by offering you a trio of grilled steak recipes. But then I went and put a corn-tomato salsa on one of them — and also decided to use some leftover corn and more of that CSA zucchini in these Corn, Zucchini, and Fresh Herb Pancakes.

Sigh. I’m afraid the season of Morning Glory Farm corn, cheery Sungold tomatoes, and ubiquitous zucchini has taken hold of me, and we will have to ride this out for a bit.

We ate the pancakes last night drizzled with honey and butter. I also spiked them with chopped fresh green coriander seeds, little flavor bombs that form after the flowers bloom on cilantro plants. They are waving in the wind all over my garden.

Before the seeds dry out (you can then save them), they’re juicy and packed with coriander flavor. Chop the daylights out of them and they’ll release that flavor into marinades, herb butters (good on steak!), what have you.

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