Dinner inspiration comes from so many different directions. One night it’s a special on cod loins at The Net Result that inspires a Cod and Corn Chowder with Bacon, Leeks and Thyme. (Yes, I felt a little guilty about using non-local corn, but sometimes…)

Another day it’s the weather.

Here on the Island, Sunday was so much nicer than the Saturday deluge that we spent most of the day working in the garden. It seemed important to keep the outdoor thing going by grilling, but by the time we got around to making dinner, it was getting late.

Voila, our go-to, most-moist-ever Grilled Mayonnaise-Mustard Chicken breasts on top of a Lemony Caesar Salad With Grilled Croutons.

I took the 15 minutes to make Creamy Blender Caesar Dressing, even though we didn’t have any anchovies.

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