Life is too short not to eat delicious things as often as possible. So if you hand me a bunch of beautiful leeks, I will caramelize them. If you say tart, I’m thinking buttery crust. If you mention cheese, my mind goes to my favorite local cheese, one that’s nutty and tangy and creamy all at once: Bluebird. Put that all together and you’ve got a Caramelized Leek Tart with Blue Cheese, Bacon, and Thyme.

In case you are wondering whether this really is delicious, I will mention that I was forced to make it several times while writing “Le Leek, C’est Chic” for the latest issue of Martha’s Vineyard magazine. Each time, tasters insisted they needed to sample it again, and, well, maybe again.

But I began to think that many of you might not want to fuss with a pastry crust, so this week I experimented with using just the filling ingredients and store-bought puff pastry to make mini-quiches. (The tart is essentially a shallow quiche.) Those were awesome, too.

Hopefully this discussion has distracted you from the fact that I’m pushing yet another delicious vegetable on you this week – leeks! At least they aren’t orange. 

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