Eating In

Growing and eating colorful fruits and vegetables is good for you, sure, but it's plenty delicious, too.

Pasta is about comfort, camraderie, and cooking confidence.

Miso for the quick-dinner win.

All misos have an alluring sweet-salty-funky flavor that's hard to beat for flavor boosting.

For Easter week, a savory snack, a roasted chicken, and plenty of eggs.

A buttery dough with plenty of Parmigiano makes irresistible nibbles.

It was all meringue, all the time at my house this weekend. Late last week, I called my friend Kathy Gunst to see if she could share a Passover recipe with us. Kathy is the author of 16 cookbooks, the resident chef of NPR’s Here and Now, and has been coming to the Vineyard for 47 years, so I knew she could set us up with something delicious.

For St. Patrick's Day, give colcannon a twist, Guinness a pour, and Forty Shades of Green a listen.


Eating In