Eating In

This holiday weekend, have some fun cooking —`how about a household bake off a la the Great British Baking Show?

Salad for dinner is easy with a visit to Island farm stands.

Keep it simple and fresh, and enjoy your family and friends.

Warmer weather means simpler eating and cooking -- and fresh Vineyard ingredients from farm stands and the farmers' market.

Let's get serious about our farm stand shopping!

I have just the thing for you to grill this Memorial Day weekend: Grilled Spiced Chicken Brochettes, inspired by tips I learned years ago from Boston chef Steve Johnson. I must admit, I was never really a kebab fan. Cumbersome to cook (why does everything spin around on the skewer?) with odd ingredient pairings that practically guaranteed over- or undercooking (those hunks of green pepper!), they didn’t wow me.

100 editions of the Cook the Vineyard newsletter, 175 years of the Vineyard Gazette — there's plenty to celebrate (deliciously) this May.

An ocean away, a small coastal town in France is not so very different from the Vineyard, especially when it comes to fresh ingredients. An American cook living in Cancale, France offers a menu of classics.


Eating In