Eating In

Everything’s better with berries.

The chicken lady is back. (No, not that Chicken Lady.) I know it seems like only yesterday that I was here offering you Crispy Sheet Pan Chicken with Baby Potatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, and Smoked Paprika (below).

For Jessica Miller, making cheese, yogurt and lassis at Mermaid Farm is all about bringing local food to her Island community.

To bridge the seasons, serve local sea scallops with creamy mashed potatoes and crisp sautéed asparagus and prosciutto, garnished with fresh chives and quick radish pickles.

We're continuing our comfort food cooking this week with cornbread, green beans, meatloaf and gratins.

Small victories: Tomorrow will be two weeks since I last went to the grocery store, and we haven’t yet had to resort to eating the panettone that has been in the back of the cabinet above the fridge since 2012.

If we've got to shelter, at least we can have our comfort food.

For this strange week: a versatile chili and pantry essentials you already have.


Eating In