Eating In

The third week of August on the Vineyard should be officially Pie Week, don't you think?

We're heading to the grill with eggplant, corn, and zucchini -- but keeping those ripe juicy beefsteaks raw and simple.

Summer's dishing it out.

The corn is in, tomatoes are ripening, and the quintessential Vineyard summer meal is in reach.

Chocolate or fruit? Coconut milk or yogurt? Pureed or chunky? There’s no wrong answer – frozen pop treats are delicious any which way.

My cherry tomatoes are coming in. Cucumbers (all kinds!) are flooding the markets. And I’m in the mood for easy grilling. Voila, grilled naan pizzas.

I imagine my sister and her family right here on the porch, just as they always were.

Fresh fish, fresh garlic, fresh blueberries. Fresh summer recipes.


Eating In