Eating In

A new apple cookbook and locally farmed ginger make the best fall cooking.

A delicious week starts with a pear coffee cake.

Whatever you think of the new high-tech “plant-based” (a.k.a. fake meat) burgers on the market, you’re going to love what pure and simple can taste like between two buns.

A bodacious, streusel-topped, moist and flavorful coffee cake is the perfect fall snack.

And tasty. No wonder the French are obsessed.

Blustery days and less daylight mean it's time to muster comfort in the kitchen.

I had the urge to make fresh tomato sauce on Saturday. I popped down to Morning Glory Farm and wrangled a slew of ripe Romas. And I do mean a slew. I got so many that I had enough leftover to make Oven-Roasted Clams in a Garlicky Tomato Pan Sauce on Sunday.

Here we go, headlong into the harvest season. Hurrah!


Eating In