Eating In

Go figure. During the summer, we are so busy on the farm that I barely get a chance to go anywhere. And then, when I do, where do I go but to another farm, just up the street from me!

A rose by any other name? The bright orange-red fruits of the flowering Rosa rugosa have been called many things.

Farm-to-table. Locavore. Seasonal. Organic. Heirloom. These are terms that have been driving cutting-edge food and enriching the culinary vocabulary in the past few decades. Before then? Not so much.

Some of the best food on the Vineyard is hidden.

Make your own custom salad mix.

What if the secret to happiness lay right outside your kitchen door? In a pretty little garden, full of delicious things to eat. It might sound far-fetched to suggest that a kitchen garden can relieve stress, lift your mood, and even ease depression, but new studies suggest there’s a scientific basis – perhaps even a soil bacterium that elevates serotonin – for the pleasure we can get from digging in the dirt.

Butternut wins the taste test with either cooking technique —slow roasting or quick roasting.

Crostatas, galettes, call them what you will. There's nothing on a cold night like a warm rustic tart.


Eating In