Dining Out

Once upon a time in old Manhattan, there was a place where Islanders could raise a glass or two and feel right at home. Sort of.

Seaweed could be the Island’s next big thing in aquaculture, depending on the results of an experiment growing the plant in Vineyard waters.

Our Island tavern is located within the teetotal precincts of Chilmark, where more than one unwary newcomer has been flummoxed by the lack of spirituous beverages.

Chef Chris Fischer gets back to the basics.

For twenty years Chef Ben deForest has had a knack for creating Island restaurants that feel like parties you want to be at. But it hasn’t always been pretty.

It is becoming harder to pass the salt. Who is available to pass it?

Meet the brains and brawn behind the new Rosewater Market in Edgartown.

Excuses, excuses. That’s what I had when it came to pickles. Or I should say, that’s how I avoided making pickles. I’m a farmer! I’m busy at pickling time! Who has time for canning? No place to put those jars! The list went on and on. Good Lord, I even turned down an opportunity to write a preserving cookbook (and this was several years ago before the Return of the Age of Preserving – which of course never went away on the Vineyard), because, I told the editor, I am not a preserving expert.


Dining Out