Dining Out

Spring is the time for young asparagus, luscious strawberries, and tender baby greens such as arugula and watercress. It’s also the time when the bluefish arrive in Vineyard waters and lobster prices start to fall – we hope.

The ancient Romans believed that strawberries helped alleviate melancholy.

Following an oyster from harvest to table.

Don’t let soup myths deprive you of the best fall sustenance around.

We tried to keep our expectations low, but secretly we believed in our soil, our seeds, and our own high hopes.

August tomatoes quickly erase the memories of the hard, mealy, tasteless tomatoes we endure the rest of the year. Tomatoes ripened in the field burst with flavor and practically melt in your mouth.

Le Grenier & L’étoile: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

In an infamous feature story in the Vineyard Gazette ten years ago, a summer resident from New York City bemoaned the lack of “good food” on the Island.


Dining Out