Dining Out

Pond grasses glow a soft umber. Roadside milkweed is fat with juice. Nomadic geese have set up camp in Ocean Park. And visitors bearing packages have come a-tapping at my door.

If you’re driving up-Island toward the Cliffs on State Road in Aquinnah, you may miss the Orange Peel Bakery sign on your left just before Lobsterville Road – unless it’s late afternoon on a Wednesday from May to October.

For many of us, preparing a meal can be an inspired event. For professional artists, the cooking bar can be even higher – as a new Island cookbook explores.

This is the tale of a marriage, a home, and a berry patch.

Legend has it that in 1816 Henry Hall of Barnstable County cleared the brush from around some native cranberry plants, and as a result, sand from a nearby dune blew onto the plot.

Many of us can remember a time when indulging in a truly memorable meal was much like finding a piece of blue sea glass – it could happen, but it was a noteworthy event.

From the baking and boxing to the selling, the Blake family shares the workload at their home in West Tisbury.

This matriarch of Vineyard-Asian eats has made her fare a staple of the Farmer’s Markets at the Grange Hall. Her success wouldn’t have been possible if not for her role at the heart of two families – one from Vietnam, one from the United States.


Dining Out