Eating In

You might think the Vineyard is all about bay scallops, but we have sea scallops, too.

When on the hunt for local lamb, flexibility is your friend. So is a sauce that doubles as a marinade, depending on the cut of meat.

Just so you know, my mortgage is not going to be lifted by my Mortgage Lifter tomato.

This is the time of year people like me start to short-circuit.

We've got 90 days of fresh, local sweet corn. Why not eat it every day?!

My nostalgia for flounder got me in a little trouble with fluke, but it's all good now.

When life gives you lettuce, make dinner.

Going a little gaga over baby vegetables isn't entirely irrational: they are easier to prep, hold together better in cooking, and have more assertive flavors.


Eating In