How to Make Butter

The cream that forms at the top of Mermaid Farm milk can be used to make fresh, creamy butter. There are methods using blenders, mixers, and butter churns (that you can easily look up online), but I decided to go with one using a jar, which is surprisingly simple and a fun activity to undertake with kids.

1. Remove the cream from the top of the milk. I tried several methods but had the best luck using a turkey baster. I think a gravy or fat separator would work even better. Let the cream reach room temperature, 60 to 70 degrees.

2. Place the cream in a wide-mouth jar with a lid (filling it about halfway). Secure the lid and shake (this is where the kids come in) about 15 minutes, or longer, until you begin to see the butter separate from the buttermilk. When the yellow butter emerges, shake a little longer to make sure you have all the butter.

3. Drain the buttermilk (and save for pancakes or waffles) from the butter and then “wash” the butter by rinsing it with cold water. Rinse until the water is clear.

4. Place butter in a metal or wooden bowl and with a wooden spoon or spatula, work the butter around to remove the water and any remaining buttermilk. As more liquid separates, just pour it off. Removing all the buttermilk will help keep the butter from spoiling. Add a pinch of salt, if desired, and refrigerate.