If ever there were a repertoire dish, this is it.

Susie Middleton

Aromatics, boneless pork ribs, and baby bok choy give quick flavor to a warming noodle broth.

Susie Middleton

A sauté of fresh, meaty mushrooms is the foundation for a delicious and versatile grain (or noodle) dish.

Susie Middleton

Winter greens and fruit inspire an elegant plated salad - for one or a crowd.

Susie Middleton

This healthy bright-tasting holiday salad can be served warm as part of your Hanukkah menu, and it's delicious the next day, too.

Susie Middleton

Elegant and easy, this is the make-ahead holiday dessert you've been looking for.

Abigail Johnson Dodge

This bright red hot sauce brings together classic New England flavors with serious Scoville levels to drive away the winter blues.

Ray Ewing

No icing required. With a few simple tools, you can make adorable and delicious gingerbread buttons – and tie them up in bundles for friends.

Jane McTeigue