Legend has it that the home was once located on Chappaquiddick and relocated to the “mainland” after being floated “across ice in the harbor.” 

Sometimes buying the least-expensive house on the Island at the time can get you a dream home.

The Island’s first “affordable” housing was built nearly fifty years ago, but we seem further away than ever from a solution to the problem. Where do we go from here?

Beth Edwards Harris

You’ve undoubtedly caught a glimpse of the home at 1 Pondmark in Chilmark during a leisurely drive up-Island.

Where have all the winter rentals gone? And what does it mean for the Vineyard if the “Island Shuffle” is shutting down?

Maia Coleman

With little fanfare, a group of dedicated Islanders is close to breaking ground on a new kind of nursing home for the Vineyard.

Mary Breslauer

There’s nothing like sheltering in place to make a person want to finally add that porch and change those cabinets.

Mary Breslauer

Low rates, low inventory, and the fear of Covid has churned up the Island’s housing market.

Mary Breslauer