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This issue is a big one for us. It not only features the Best of the Vineyard results, our largest undertaking of the year; it also marks Alley Moore’s last as art director, a position he has held since 2003.

Things have started to go batty up in the West Tisbury woods where I live, and I’m not just referring to the northern long-ear denizens that have returned to jitter and jive across my yard.

The deer have gone crazy. The birds have gone mad. The pinkletinks have gone positively berserk. They sound their cacophonous mating call all through the night, a chorus of “pick-me-pick-me-pick-me”s emanating from the ponds. 

Vanessa Czarnecki

Sometimes all you need is a few hundred square feet and the love of a place.

Valerie Reese

Heading out into the fields is part meditation, part manual labor, part continuing education. It’s an act of nurturing, an ode and devotion to the beauty of the Island. It’s a simple pleasure, above all.

Vanessa Czarnecki