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A former mariner turned folk artist, Captain John Ivory spent the final decades of his life memorializing his “beloved and despised” voyages.

Thomas Humphrey

Artist Corinna Kaufman of Aquinnah has spent a lifetime creating fine art from found seaweed.

Moira Silva

After a five-year reprieve from her decades-long career as an artist and art teacher, Janice Frame has found the inspiration she needs from the Vineyard once again.

Elizabeth Bennett

As a potter and sculptor, Micah Thanhauser of Merry Farm Pottery never strays too far from his source material.

Brooke Kushwaha

Billy Hoff’s lampmaking business preserves a long-lost art.

Loren Ghiglione

When they aren’t putting clients on fish, Captains Scott McDowell and Annette Cingle are putting fish on clients’ walls.

Elizabeth Bennett

Today’s Wampanoag wampum makers are continuing an artistic tradition dating back thousands of years.

Paula Peters