Functional yet fashionable raincoats fit for year-round Island life.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts

Lois Kessler is keeping alive the old art form of sailors’ valentines.

An iconic Thomas Hart Benton painting hangs in the Granary Gallery in West Tisbury.

In a sliver of a shop on Main Street, Vineyard Haven, contemporary design, sleek urban style, and – wait for it – sophisticated menswear has been brought to the Island.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts

For lovers of all things vintage, there’s new reason to celebrate.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts

Artist Jenifer Strachan takes the old and makes it new, takes the broken and makes it fit.

Elizabeth Hawes

“Painting, and color, and light bounced into my studio about twenty years ago…It was a giant leap from my mostly black and white world of drawing and printmaking and I never looked back.”

Acclaimed photographer Barbara Norfleet’s career has taken her from the halls of Harvard, to the walls of the Museum of Modern Art, to the wild, lonely terrain of New England wetlands and swamps.

Mary Breslauer