Carol Gilligan, the mild-mannered revolutionary who has summered in Aquinnah for decades, is pretty sure that listening can change the world. It has worked for her before, after all.

Elizabeth Hawes

“My paintings certainly won’t change the world, but if they could have this kind of effect on a soul, I’d consider myself a success.”

Nicole Grace Mercier

He had a can of paint and a plan. Now, with a legion of fans, Dan VanLandingham is taking his canvases to the Granary.

Nicole Grace Mercier

At the age of eighty-four, Ruth Kirchmeier isn’t slowing down when it comes to making her iconic woodcuts.

Phyllis Méras

“From a young age I told people I was going to be an artist when I grew up.”

Nicole Grace Mercier

Checking in with one local business to see how it’s faring in the strange new world of COVID.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts

Painter Rachael Cassiani was born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard. So it’s probably no surprise that the intersection of land, sea, and sky is her constant source of inspiration.

Nicole Grace Mercier

“I’m always experimenting. In general, I’m pretty much finding as I go along.” - Fae Kontje-Gibbs

Nicole Grace Mercier