Macaroons are easy with this recipe, modified for home bakers, since they take only ten to fifteen minutes to prepare for baking.

Gates and Kate Rickard

The Rickards like to serve this dip with pretzel rolls.

Gates RIckard

When asparagus is cooked awhile, as in a soup, it can turn a duller color of green. The remedy used here to create a vibrant green soup is to add a bit of fresh spinach when blending. You can also garnish the soup with a bit of finely chopped dill.

Catherine Walthers

This simple Italian method works with nearly any freshly caught Island fish as an appetizer or first course. Try the farmer’s market to hunt down garlic scapes – curly green garlic stalks – or substitute chives or scallions.

Serves 4

Chris Fischer

This salad looks especially nice on wide, shallow, square or rectangular white plates.

Susie Middleton

This vibrant, fun-to-assemble, delicious taste of summer bursts with flavor.

Susie Middleton

This salad is a great way to celebrate spring and the arrival of the first Island asparagus.

Susie Middleton

White beans, cherry tomatoes, lemon and olive oil make a classic and delicious pairing for fresh halibut.

April and Michael Levandowski