It’s easy to make and a delicious chilled dessert for a hot August night.

Catherine Walthers & Rachel Vaughn

This summer, take your backyard burger experience to new heights! Explore our creative variations on this summertime classic, including a lamb burger with minted goat cheese and a beef burger topped with a fried egg and pancetta.

Tina Miller

Unlike fried calamari, cutlets are crispy without deep-frying.

Catherine Walthers

One of Edgartown’s newest hot spots shares a recipe for fried calamari, thanks to chef Jeremy Davis.

Jeremy Davis

At 6 p.m., Elliott made the house cocktail – Katama Kirs – which consisted of vintage champagne and blueberry syrup.

Steven Raichlen

Claire unpacked the grocery bags and the menu began to take shape. She’d whirl the smoked clams and mussels with mascarpone cheese in the food processor to make a dip to eat by the fire.

Steven Raichlen

The salad proved to be equally homegrown – or at least locally gathered.

Steven Raichlen

Claire made the dish with canned tomatillos and frozen bass (she was upset), which she cooked in the oven. When Steven makes her dish, he chars the salsa ingredients on the coals and cooks the fish on the grill.

Steven Raichlen