It may not be Vegas, but people are playing Texas hold ’em all over the Vineyard.

Heather Curtis

In some excerpts from a new children’s chapter book, we meet a family that’s followed by rain clouds. After a storm delays the end of their island vacation, they head back to the city – but in their haste to catch the ferry, they forget one thing.

Kate Feiffer

To Whole Foods and beyond, Monica Skye Miller has grown a line of beauty care products – with roots on the Vineyard, Costa Rica, and around the globe – into a successful business.

Mike Seccombe

Sure, students taking to Vineyard stages have a lot of fun and it’s a great experience. They’ve also had remarkable success on- and off-Island – and they are remarkably watchable.

Lauren Martin

A day at the beach just isn’t complete without a great book.

By Susan Catling

Excerpts from Palace Council, by the author of The Emperor of Ocean Park and New England White, follow a young man through the fifties, as he establishes his name as a writer and works for John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign. There’s also a murder and his sister’s disappearance to drive the plot of this novel that’s sure to be seen on many a Vineyard beach this summer.

Stephen L. Carter

A photo of Island Theatre wins second place in a National Geographic Traveler contest.

Linda Black

You can find them both playing organ, both on Kennebec Avenue, each at a different church.

Mary-Jean Miner