A Q&A and an excerpt from his soon-to-be-released memoir shed light on the man, his career, and how the Vineyard has affected him.

Karla Araujo

Her Oak Bluffs gallery is in its thirtieth year and going strong.

Brooks Robards

Despite the ever-changing landscape of the Vineyard’s rock and folk music scene, there’s always live music to be found, both indoors and out, both in the summer and off-season.

Linda Black

John Hough Jr.’s new novel Seen the Glory ties the Vineyard to the Civil War, providing insight into issues of that day for the nation and this island. An excerpt from chapter one follows.

Brenda L. Horrigan

Confessions from backstage at the Tisbury Amphitheater.

Nicole Galland

Lucy Mitchell has long been inspired by the art of the outdoors. Since last year, it’s the size of her mixed-media sculptures that has grown to a new level.

Nancy Tutko

Ag Fair's winning poster.

Morgan Taylor Lucero

The Point Way Inn has become an oasis for visiting artists to live, work, and commune on the Island. The fact that it’s free is a gift to the bottom line of many an arts institution.

Rachel Nava Rohr