For our anniversary issue, Alley Moore, the magazine’s art director since 2003, curates an “art show” to recognize many of the artists contributing to the Vineyard community.

The whimsical home and studio of artist and furniture maker Richard Dunbrack

Laura D. Roosevelt

Hammers bang and paint cans dangle;Ladders lean at every angle;Homes improve as decades pass...Which can’t be said for us, alas.


The long arms of Martha’s Vineyard seem to reach across the globe.

Elaine Pace

The gloom of late winter is set aside as people head to Chilmark and come together over couches, curry, and a weekend of movies at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival. In its tenth year, the fest has expanded to include a summer series and winter screenings.

Julia Rappaport

A Q&A and an excerpt from his soon-to-be-released memoir shed light on the man, his career, and how the Vineyard has affected him.

Karla Araujo

Her Oak Bluffs gallery is in its thirtieth year and going strong.

Brooks Robards

Despite the ever-changing landscape of the Vineyard’s rock and folk music scene, there’s always live music to be found, both indoors and out, both in the summer and off-season.

Linda Black