There are many more people than plumbers on Martha’s Vineyard – not that plumbers aren’t people. But the odds are always against you finding one.

Wendy Palmer

The faded black Boston rocking chair has been in our family for more than five decades.

Lorraine St. Pierre

There are two different sides to Lillian Hellman.

Holly Nadler

If I had a really big house, I’d want to have an orangery, a magnificent hothouse for citrus trees and exotic plants.

Nicki Miller

A friend recently told me she needed a to-do list for summer – not necessarily for things to do before kicking the bucket, but as a reminder to take advantage of the season’s fleeting days.

Nicki Miller

Hunting for waterfowl doesn’t always result in dinner.

Shirley Mayhew

The longer I live on the Island, the less I want to leave.

Suzan Bellincampi

Hey! Hey! Hey! If you’re like me – a dog on Martha’s Vineyard – I bet you have all sorts of great fish tales.

Nicole Galland


The Nadler Effect: Casting for Other Derbies

Islanders will flood out of their homes on September 13 and largely disappear until October 17.

From the Editor

One evening not long ago I discovered that my phone can take time-lapse movies. Now, I’m sure everyone with the ubiquitous phone that we all apparently can’t live without has known about this feature for a long time. But I don’t take a lot of photographs, so it was new to me. I happened to be out watching the sun go down over the water at the time, so I propped the phone on a nearby stone and set it to record the final moments of a hot summer day and the arrival of night.

"I Identify As..."

From the Editor

You wouldn’t know it from a trip through Five Corners in Vineyard Haven, or the Triangle in Edgartown, but most Americans don’t take the time off they deserve. It’s not just hard-working laborers who are not permitted paid vacations by their Scroogian overlords, either, though that’s a huge problem and injustice: one in four Americans does not get a single paid vacation day. According to the U.S. Travel Association, an industry group, Americans don’t take advantage of 429 million paid vacation days every year.

DAW: Fair Gluttony

Hot tempura! Ice cream cones!
Smoked ribs that melt right off the bones!
Your stomach’s not an endless crater ...
No wonder you falafel later!

The Nadler Effect: Shut Up and Eat

It is becoming harder to pass the salt. Who is available to pass it?

How to Eat a Burger

Chef Chris Fischer gets back to the basics.

Vineyard Summer Rentals

DAW: A Toast to Tanning

Sunlight flies through outer space,
Unstopped except when forced to face
The Coppertone with which we’ve spread
Ourselves like so much buttered bread.

From the Editor

The best thing about July, it sometimes seems to me, is that it is not yet August and all of those weeks of summer are stretched out ahead like a lazy line of turtles on a log. Usually, a negative compliment like “not yet August” would be some kind of slight, either to July or August. But it is not. It’s just a pure statement of fact: the beginning of summer is better than its end, even accounting for the truth that most of the year-round population rarely has time to exhale until September.