O, brave new island that has such editors in’t. (Or on’t.)

Paul Schneider

Nose and cheeks are cherry-red...


A lawsuit in Gay Head, DONG Energy changes their name, the Black Dog van goes for a swim, the boat fiasco continues, the hospital fiasco also continues, and more Island news you can sort of use.

How green is your Island?

Paul Schneider

The Special Sharkecutor has a bone to pick with you, Mr. President; Your tax dollars at work; ACK!; Better late than never; Okay fine, you win, but whose idea was the nose hair?; Duly noted; Crossbow? We don’t need no stinkin’ crossbows; I know, let’s get West Tis to pay for it!; and in other news...

For many homeowners, the arrival of spring weather is a signal to start home improvement projects and resume lawn care in earnest. Nelson Sigelman is not one of those homeowners.

Nelson Sigelman