A generous hit of fresh ginger and ground cardamom – and a light hand with the honey – makes this cool, fruity lassi a nice change-up from a sweet, heavy smoothie.

Susie Middleton

This delicious noodle dish is not quite a soup, but it has a brothy sauce that makes it quite comforting. Serve with a fork and a spoon!

Serves 4

Susie Middleton

This recipe was originally published with the article, Hearty Shanks.

Susie Middleton

Think of this recipe as a handy template for a mini savory bread pudding, and substitute your favorite cheese or another vegetable if you like.

Susie Middleton

Serve this savory spoon bread and beach plum sauce with roast chicken.

Christian Thornton

For his dish, Manson, a private chef on the Island, said he “wanted to see beach plums presented in a completely different way."

Beach plum puree + egg yolks = Beach Plum Curd, the most delicious thing you can put on a warm popover.

Jenna Sprafkin

Because ice cream recipes vary based on available equipment, Lattanzi gives this basic method for adding a beach plum swirl.