Without the help of his family, the Vineyard golf community, and other advisers, Tony Grillo might never have capitalized on his own drive to win. Now with two state junior championships in the bag, the Islander begins a new chapter at Harvard.

Jim Kaplan

Steve Ewing – wharf builder, conservationist, family man, poet – tells a story or two about a lifetime on the water, in the city, and on the Vineyard.

Tom Dunlop

A plethora of older folks are relishing their golden years on the Island, keeping active by working, volunteering, socializing, and doing everything that makes them happy.

Shelley Christiansen

For many foreign-born Vineyarders, integrating successfully into this community means hours, days, and nights studying and practicing the language.

Julia Rappaport

The Oak Bluffs summer resident talks about his routines on-Island, racial and class issues on the Vineyard, who will be the next president, and his sexy red tricycle.

Laura D. Roosevelt

When neighborly kindness is extended to tourists, it can be surprising – welcome, but surprising.

Ellen Willson Hoover

Topper could be ornery (you might even say abusive), but a girl who looked beyond his shortcomings found he brought her freedom to roam around Chappaquiddick, taught her about difficult relationships, and contributed to the inner strength that has stuck with her throughout adulthood.

Margaret Knight

The retired Menemsha fisherman is an Island icon with something to say about everything from swordfishing to hurricanes, World War II to the Cape Wind project.

Phyllis Meras