The retired Menemsha fisherman is an Island icon with something to say about everything from swordfishing to hurricanes, World War II to the Cape Wind project.

Phyllis Meras

For years, Jamaicans have been an integral part of the seasonal work force of the Vineyard. Now new rules concerning H-2B visas mean many can’t return to the Island.

Shelley Christiansen

Since 1992, the Vineyard Sound has been bringing a joyful, popular singing soundtrack – with no instruments – to Island summers.

Tom Dunlop

His working years were spent in youth services, and as a policeman, store owner, and bailiff; now that he’s retired, he’s gone back to a craft he learned as a child: wood burning, which he paints over to create colorful landscapes and more.

Jim Kaplan

Suzan Bellincampi grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey, but she’s become a well-known Vineyarder in recent years for her environmental work. Currently, as the director of the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary in Edgartown, Suzan helps adults and children alike connect with nature through educational programs, camps, and festivals.

Elaine Pace

The dork on the sailboat in Jaws 2 wants his own Jaws Fest.

Tom Dunlop

The hippie invasion on the Vineyard in the sixties and seventies not only affected the culture of that day, but continues to influence the Island.

Richard C. Skidmore

The Patriot always seems to find its way from Falmouth to the Vineyard – bringing newspapers and bagels as well as a family of workers who commute to the Island.

Tom Flynn