Nevin Sayre of Vineyard Haven, five-time U.S. windsurfing champion, launches himself into the brave new world of kiteboarding.

Jim Kaplan

Bob Holt of the West Tisbury Fire Department flips burgers at the Agricultural Fair each August.

Tom Dresser

Author of the Arthur books.

Kate Feiffer

A few Menemsha lobstermen hang on to a way of life as the catch in southern New England hits a 25-year low. Scientists, regulators, and fishermen are debating the reasons why.

Christine Schultz

Having paddled here, there, and everywhere, Carolyn Dowd comes home to lead kayak tours all around the Vineyard.

Tom Dresser

Each August, a very small fireworks company shoots a very big show over Oak Bluffs.

Tom Dunlop and Tom Flynn

(And Marty Nadler’s favorite snappy answers.)

Croquet – considered risqué in the nineteenth century and snooty in the twentieth – retakes the field on the Vineyard (and welcomes all comers) in the twenty-first.

Jim Kaplan