The Chappy ferry is making headlines. Passenger rates may go up, the lines may get longer, and the owner plans to sell. A look at the history of the service shows this isn’t exactly new news.

Tom Dunlop

The first thing you notice when you compare the pictures is the absence of telephone poles in the older one.

HJ Bernstein

A wide swath of the Vineyard mosaic – seniors on canes, young men in work boots, mid-lifers in classic cardigans – made the scene.

Shelley Christiansen

The Revolutionary War was not one of Martha’s Vineyard’s shining moments.

Max Hart

In September 1976, a breathtakingly bold scheme to federalize land-use planning on Martha’s Vineyard died in Congress. For better and worse, the Island is still living with the legacy of what came to be known as the Kennedy bill.

Shelley Christiansen

The Vanderhoop homestead, site of the new Aquinnah Cultural Center, embraces more than one hundred years of Gay Head history.

Brooks Robards

Keith Gorman has been at it sixteen months now, excavating and cataloguing a library-wide collection of artifacts at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum in Edgartown.

Tom Dunlop

A murder at Lake Tashmoo shocks the Vineyard and drives the recent assassination of Huey Long below the fold of major mainland dailies in the late summer of 1935.

Kristen Kingsbury Henshaw