The community garden at Island Cohousing is a poster garden for Vineyard-grown and a model of sustainable living and recycling.

Linda Black & Alexanda Bullen

A very low oven or a dehydrator turns autumn olive fruit into fruit leather.

Holly Bellenuono & Catherine Walthers

There are corn muffins, and then there are these.

Morning Glory Farm

Jan Buhrman, owner of Kitchen Porch caterers, is well-known on the Vineyard for her support of artisanal producers, sustainable agriculture, and fisheries.She also helped bring the international Slow Food movement to the Island, and her food always reflects the Island’s best. This side dish makes a lovely presentation.

Serves 6 to 8

Jan Buhrman

One of Chesca's signature soups, this flavorful chowder takes advantage of fresh corn and other freshly harvested August veggies.

Jo Maxwell and David Joyce

On the following pages, you’ll find details on a variety of foods and ingredients you can find in the springtime on the Island – in your backyard, in fields, in forests, and on beaches. Plus recipes for strawberry knotweed pie, watercress spring rolls, and candied violets.

Holly Bellenuono & Catherine Walthers

Just because we’re on an Island where seafood is particularly tasty, doesn’t mean we don’t want to surprise our palates with some dishes that come from faraway lands.

Catherine Walthers

This fruit-laden granola is easy to make ahead and store.

Carol McManus