Fresh sorrel leaves have a tangy, slightly sour flavor that complements fish and cream sauces.

For years, Susan has been making this recipe, adapted from Gourmet, June 1998.

Susan Feller

This famous New Orleans sandwich specialty translates perfectly to our Island locale, plentiful with oysters.

Catherine Walthers

Glen Caldwell, kitchen manager for Offshore Ale Company in Oak Bluffs, puts together a simple but delicious pasta dish with chopped clams, lemon, and lots of fresh black pepper.

Glen Caldwell

Fresh chunks of lobster with summer corn and tomato make a colorful and tasty risotto.

Catherine Walthers

Pierre Guérin suggests pairing chef Scott Ehrlich’s gazpacho with a summery white wine or rosé.

Scott Ehrlich

The community garden at Island Cohousing is a poster garden for Vineyard-grown and a model of sustainable living and recycling.

Linda Black & Alexanda Bullen

A very low oven or a dehydrator turns autumn olive fruit into fruit leather.

Holly Bellenuono & Catherine Walthers