There’s no easy answer to the question, how do you paint a landscape?

Geoff Currier

There’s a soccer league of nations at play on the fields of the Vineyard.

Jim Kaplan

In the movie Quackster Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx, Gene Wilder plays a fellow who earns his living going down the streets scooping up horse droppings, then selling them for fertilizer. He becomes one of the most beloved men in Dublin.

Geoff Currier

Okay, you try looking out into the glaring sun for hours on end while keeping track of three or four hundred people, and then tell us that being a lifeguard is a cushy job.

Geoff Currier

Wolfie Blair had one of those ah-ha moments: What if kids could actually access the solid basics of saltwater fishing and some tricks of the cast from the get-go?

Mary Breslauer

What could be more beautiful, more thrilling to watch than a horse, mane and tail flying, as it races along a Vineyard beach? Add a surfer, towed by the horse, and you get the new sport of, well, horse surfing. This spectacular event takes place in early fall on the edge of Sengekontacket Pond.

Brooks Robards

The things that only night swimmers and fisherfolk have seen.

Remy Tumin

Where you are going, deep into the woods, all you need is a loincloth. Or, if feeling modest, a pair of shorts and a T-shirt will do.

Bill Eville


Flying Model Airplanes

When Joe Costa of Vineyard Haven was seven years old, he saw an airplane flying overhead and something went off inside of him – he was hooked.

Sharks Strike MV

As the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks head into year two, we look back at the collegiate baseball league’s premier season last summer.

Sculpting a Landscape

It’s not often that you hear the words sensual and bulldozer in the same breath.

Plant Containers

With thrillers, spillers, and fillers.

How it Works: Extracting Bees From Your House

About a third of the food we eat is made possible by the cross-pollination of bees. But when you’ve got a huge hive within the walls of your house, your ecological conscience may only stretch so far.

How it Works: Winter Biking

Even though we’re in the Northeast, the Vineyard may be better suited to biking in the winter than many places on the mainland.

Winter walks

With their austere off-season beauty, the Island’s wild places are a natural draw.
This time of year many conservation groups offer education about the terrain, flora, and fauna – as well as entry to some private lands.

Minding Their Own Business: Oyster Farming on a Turbulent Bay

Jack and Sue Blake of Edgartown’s Sweet Neck Farm grow oysters on and below a raft on Katama Bay.

How it Works: Fishing From a Kayak

If you think fishing for blues and stripers from a kayak might be a little outside your comfort zone, consider this: Kayaks were originally invented by the Inuit for hunting and fishing, and their prey often included whales. Just to put things in perspective.

Jim Feiner of Chilmark is one of the people you see when you go to Squibnocket at sunset and look out at the rocks beyond the surf and say, “Hey, look at that guy out there in the kayak.” He’s been kayak-fishing around the Island for about ten years.

A New Twist on Yoga

Developed with men in mind, broga has garnered a devoted following on the Island in recent years.