Let me just say, if I had a well-drilling company, I’d call it Good Well Hunting.

Geoff Currier

Our list will give you insight into the season, from the beauty of nature to the importance of making music. Other items that have made the list – say, pond skating and potlucks – may give you ideas of how to overcome winter doldrums.

The regulars at this weekly Sunday off-road ride have fun and get a great workout traveling the lesser-known pathways around the Vineyard. But the fellowship and camaraderie are also what keep them coming back week after week.

Jim Miller

A real estate agent once told me of a client who rented a house for a month unseen, made ferry reservations, and drove out to Chilmark, only to discover that his Porsche didn’t have enough clearance to get down his mile-and-a-half dirt driveway. Dirt roads do much to give the Vineyard its rural character, but don’t let their natural appearance fool you – they require more upkeep than Joan Rivers.

Geoff Currier

It turns out that the ferry, in addition to being a place to get a really overpriced pretzel, is also a good spot for birding.

Geoff Currier

Just like Goldilocks trying to find the right porridge and bed, this writer had to sample different styles of yoga before settling into a groove that worked for her body and mind.

Alexandra Bullen Couts

There are sandcastles and then there are trophy sandcastles.

Geoff Currier

Just look down.

Geoff Currier


How It Works: Tuna Fishing

Alex Friedman was getting antsy. Tuna season had opened the day before and he hadn’t gone out because it looked like there would be foul weather offshore. But now, as we sat in Oak Bluffs harbor onboard his thirty-five-foot H&H Downcast F/V, Dazed & Confused, the VHF radio was blurting out conversations between captains and aerial fish spotters who had gone out and apparently they were getting some action.

How It Works: Opening a Great Pond

Three or four times a year, an excavator crawls out to the barrier beaches between some of our great ponds and the open ocean and makes incisions in the sand that open up floodgates. This is a diesel-powered version of a ritual that goes back to ancient times.

“We learned to breach ponds from the Native Americans,” explains Paul Bagnall, Edgartown shellfish constable. “Back in the old days they would do it by hand or they would use a sand scoop, which is sort of like a half of a bulldozer blade, pulled by an ox.”

How It Works: Building a Drawbridge

The old Lagoon Pond drawbridge had a good run, but after seventy-five years it was more than a little cantankerous.

From Sea to Shining Sound

Lungs tight from kicking up sawdust on a newly cleared trail, I searched my backpack for my inhaler. Weariness was written on my friends’ faces too. A dusty, panting dog lay in front of us, his head turning slowly to drink from a bowl of water. We had been hiking for sixteen miles – a journey that began halfway across the Island at Katama Point Preserve.

Confessions of a Bottle Hound

If you don’t bring eccentricities with you when you come to live year-round on the Island, you’re bound to pick some up along the way.

How It Works: Renting Your House

I first met Albert back in the eighties. My then-future wife rented his house in Edgartown one summer and I used to bump into him from time to time. Albert was a little rough around the edges and a bit of a free thinker, but basically a straight-up guy.

How It Works: Dressing a Deer

One that Got Away: Hunting season has passed, yet this deer shows its white tail in alarm, caught in flight on a February morning at daybreak.

How It Works: Feng Shui - Guiding Energy Within a Space

You might want to think twice about where you put that coffee table.

Fun With the Family

With the kids back in school, it can be hard to fit family time in between homework assignments and extracurriculars

Crafting Home-Brewed Beer

Asking how to brew beer is sort of like asking how to build a house.