These sanctuaries – dispersed around the Vineyard – are havens for flora and fauna as well as destinations for fun-seeking families and nature lovers. You might even say they can be refuges for the human soul.

Jim Miller

A state law from 1647 gives private landholders exclusive rights to their beaches, and some Island towns exclude non-residents from enjoying a day at their stretches of sand. Whether beaches should be open to the public is an ongoing topic of debate on the Vineyard.

Mike Seccombe

A Chappaquiddicker’s favorite stretch of sand.

Margaret Knight

Ask Matt Pelikan, Islands program director for The Nature Conservancy, to nominate his favorite natural places on Martha’s Vineyard, and he is both enthusiastic and cautionary.

Mike Seccombe

The Katama airport, 128 acres by the shore, might have been a developer’s dream come true. But Steve Gentle liked it just the way it was.

Tom Dunlop

You know Farm Pond. 
It’s the one with the wooden 
sea serpent floating in the middle, just south of the sea wall 
in Oak Bluffs.

Tom Dunlop

Where you are going, deep into the woods, all you need is a loincloth. Or, if feeling modest, a pair of shorts and a T-shirt will do.

Bill Eville

If you can’t stand the traffic, get off the pavement. Because your backyard is way bigger than you think.

Judy Morton Bramhall