Billy Meegan specializes in compact but refined form and function, as seen in three distinctive Island guest houses.

Karla Araujo

This architectural standout in West Tisbury, with its combination of styles outside and in, has recently been renovated and serves as a second home for a couple of filmmakers and their young family.

Laura D. Roosevelt

Jim Ferraro’s “top ten” list for his Vineyard Haven estate offers a glimpse inside one of the Island’s more expansive and elaborate properties.

Karla Araujo

Talking with new talent in the field of interior design.

Kate Feiffer

Practical considerations on getting from driveway to door, from a landscape professional.

Kristen Reimann

With its long family history, this distinctive blue-shuttered house on a quiet corner in Edgartown presented new owners with a restoration quandary.

Shelley Christiansen

“I’m a nester,” part-time Island resident Catherine Urban admits as she walks through the cozy three-bedroom West Chop cape that she and her family rented for the first time last summer.

Karla Araujo

Historically, house plans were guided by a handful of traditional archetypes. Today, more contemporary features – such as an open floor plan – may take top billing, but understanding the Island’s architectural heritage can help in designing a new structure at ease in its surroundings.

Mark Hutker & Leo A.W. Wiegman