Ali Berlow's mudroom.

Ali Berlow

Some Aquinnah firsts: the first bed and breakfast in town, in a house with one of the first flush toilets, and containing the first enterprise consumed with canards.

Margaret Knight

Vineyarders find refuge in meditation rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Ali Berlow

An office with a spectacular view.

Tom Dunlop

The architects of the new Oak Bluffs library at work, and at home, in the woods of Harthaven.

Holly Nadler

What makes a good kitchen? Is it efficiency? The right tools? Size? A beautiful space? A great view? There are probably as many versions of “good kitchen” as there are good Island cooks. Here are four of them and the places where they work their magic.

Catherine Walthers

The Ark is built on one of the lowest spots in the Camp Ground of Oak Bluffs. When it rains, the whole backyard floods and with all that water around it, the house resembles the stern of Noah’s Ark, says owner Marina Firestone.

Mary-Jean Miner

What does it take to make a house feel like home? Is it family photographs, your great-grandmother’s patchwork quilt, the smell of bread baking? Five professionals who create homes for clients show us the places they come home to.

Laura D. Roosevelt