An Aquinnah home surrounded by conservation land, with sweeping views of the Atlantic and private beach access, offers a remote, quiet retreat.

Erin Haggerty

For more than a decade, Liz Stiving-Nichols has been refining looks for homes on and off the Island. Her team at Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design and Bespoke Abode in Vineyard Haven garners accolades from architects, the media, and homeowners alike.

Joyce Wagner

In years past, solar photovoltaic panels seemed to be either a deep-green status symbol for well-heeled environmental zealots or an off-the-grid must for survivalists.

Jim Miller

Billy Meegan specializes in compact but refined form and function, as seen in three distinctive Island guest houses.

Karla Araujo

This architectural standout in West Tisbury, with its combination of styles outside and in, has recently been renovated and serves as a second home for a couple of filmmakers and their young family.

Laura D. Roosevelt

Jim Ferraro’s “top ten” list for his Vineyard Haven estate offers a glimpse inside one of the Island’s more expansive and elaborate properties.

Karla Araujo

Practical considerations on getting from driveway to door, from a landscape professional.

Kristen Reimann

With its long family history, this distinctive blue-shuttered house on a quiet corner in Edgartown presented new owners with a restoration quandary.

Shelley Christiansen


Piece of Quiet

Vineyarders find refuge in meditation rooms of all shapes and sizes.


The architects of the new Oak Bluffs library at work, and at home, in the woods of Harthaven.

Back to Work

Philip P. Hale sits with his back to just about the best view 
    imaginable of Vineyard Haven harbor – maybe the busiest and best
    water view from any land-based enterprise on the Vineyard. “There’s a reason my computer faces the door,” says Hale, who has been president of Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard since he bought it from his father, Thomas, nineteen years ago. “It’s infinitely distracting. There are some mornings when I walk in here, look out the window, and fifteen minutes go by in a flash. You have to absorb it. You can’t let the day go by without looking at it.”

Back to Work

An office with a spectacular view.

Four Cook's Kitchens

What makes a good kitchen? Is it efficiency? The right tools? Size? A beautiful space? A great view? There are probably as many versions of “good kitchen” as there are good Island cooks. Here are four of them and the places where they work their magic.

A True Family Refuge

The Ark is built on one of the lowest spots in the Camp Ground of Oak Bluffs. When it rains, the whole backyard floods and with all that water around it, the house resembles the stern of Noah’s Ark, says owner Marina Firestone.

Linda Carnegie Makes a Nest

Linda carnegie  is a 
gardener of inanimate objects. When you step through her leopard skin–painted front door in West Tisbury, you feel like you’ve entered the garden of someone else’s dream world. A life-size crow perched on the edge of a lampshade looks ready to fly off with a loud warning “caw” to the toucan painted onto a giant lobster claw. The toucan peers out from amidst the wooden spoons and spatulas sitting in a jar in the kitchen. Its next of kin, a pink lobster-claw flamingo, stalks above the TV in the living room.

Home Rules

What does it take to make a house feel like home? Is it family photographs, your great-grandmother’s patchwork quilt, the smell of bread baking? Five professionals who create homes for clients show us the places they come home to.

The Craftsmen’s Tales

Island workers are laid back. We have lives as well and people have to understand that.” – Billy O’Callaghan, Mason, Vineyard Haven