South Mountain Company of West Tisbury builds some of the most expensive homes on Martha’s Vineyard. It also builds more affordable housing than any other design and construction firm on the Island. The funny thing is, South Mountain builds both types of house in much the same way.

Ian Fein

A lifelong resident of Chappaquiddick watched a big, new house rise up where scrub and trees once grew. At first glance, it looked like just another out-of-place manor imposing itself on the wilderness. Then she met the family who owned it.

Margaret Knight

Ask the experts your toughest home-owning questions.

Tom Dresser

When John Abrams takes you on a tour of his five favorite buildings on Martha’s Vineyard, he doesn’t talk much about architecture. To Abrams – the president and co-founder of South Mountain Company, the innovative design and construction firm in West Tisbury – a building is defined by the way it connects to the community it serves, or to the setting in which it stands.

Ian Fein

Notable Island designers and builders identify the rooms that best express their aesthetic.

Joyce Wagner

Fires to warm thew cockles of your heart, and just about everything else.

Joyce Wagner

Ali Berlow's mudroom.

Ali Berlow

Some Aquinnah firsts: the first bed and breakfast in town, in a house with one of the first flush toilets, and containing the first enterprise consumed with canards.

Margaret Knight


Artistry in Stone

From walls around farmland to features in contemporary landscape design, what man has made of stone spans centuries and defines cultures.

Finding the Perfect Rental House

Washingtonians Don and Ann Brown spent thirty-seven summers renting the same house in Vineyard Haven. Before that – and since – they’ve cheerfully moved from one rental to another. We visited with them recently in Chilmark.

On to the Next House

After architect Michael Ball built one house on the Vineyard to live in, he did it again. Now he’s planning another move off-Island, but he’ll leave his mark with these two decidedly different designs.

Wreck or Renovate?

An Oak Bluffs couple’s thoughtful (and thrifty) three-stage reformation.

Ask the Experts

How do you prepare rhododendrons for winter?

The Soul Connection in Aquinnah

Guitarist Arlen Roth collects his favorite instrument – as well as vintage cars, toys, and memorabilia.

Unwinding in Chilmark

For actress Amy Brenneman and her family, their simple Vineyard home is a gateway to a relaxed lifestyle that’s a welcome contrast to Hollywood.

Greening Up your Home

Some tips and products to make your household a little more eco-friendly

To the Four Winds

Creative minds, voices, and hands from all over the Island and beyond came together to fashion this colorful and artistic home on Four Winds Lane in Chilmark.

Windows on Display

Whether contemporary in design or modeled after something historic, the work of William Parry is the epitome of high-end craftsmanship. Though sometimes the best thing about his windows is you don’t see them at all.