A small two-bedroom in Edgartown features a half-bath inspired by all things Ernest Hemingway – especially the famed author’s fishing boat.

Jim Miller

A new building on Anna Edey’s West Tisbury farm sounds more like a spa with its pool and sauna, but she calls it a lab for sustainable design as it integrates many of her environmentally friendly innovations, including solar panels for heat, hot water, and electricity – and chickens for eggs, meat, and heat.

Richard C. Skidmore

The terms “green” or “sustainable” applied to residential architecture tend to conjure images of primitive or alternative homes of modest size and funky feel, rather than the high-end, luxurious houses that often grace the pages of magazines. The Davis house in Chilmark is a stunning rebuke to that fallacy.

Jim Miller

When the new hospital opens its doors early next year, there will be countless people to thank. Among those at the top of the list will be John P. Ferguson, chairman of the board.

Anne McCarthy Strauss

Built on a cove of Edgartown Great Pond, “Forever Wild” is a standing tribute to the three generations of Wilds who have owned the property since 1941.

Harriet Bernstein

How should you care for old paintings?

Tom Dresser

The Muneys responded to the palette of a waterside setting on Edgartown Great Pond when planning their vacation house. Now the finished home inspires the family’s Vineyard lifestyle.

Anne McCarthy Strauss

Joan and John Potter’s home is the result of both a new way of looking at their East Chop property and an integration of an eclectic array of antiques – many from the Far East.

Brooks Robards