Freeman Leonard; Deborah/Francis Lewis; Lobsterville; Lucas Shoal; Nancy Luce; and John Lumbert.


It takes no Einstein to discern...

By D.A.W.


Taylor Stone’s first collection of poems and illustrations, Vineyard Magic, is a hand-bound Valentine to native plants of the Island.

By Libby Ellis


“Because I want my paintings to have more than a visual relevance, I build on the intellectual content to add depth and cultural relevance.”

By CK Wolfson


I’ve come to know that the junk hauling industry on this Island is not positioned for growth.

By Shelley Christiansen


Currently, there are fifty-one Vineyard Village clients from towns across the Island and sixty-eight volunteer drivers who, on average, provide seventy-five rides per week.

By Paula Lyons


Thirsty: Plum Island

If you have really good friends on Martha’s Vineyard, do not casually mention that you need beach plums.

Wild Thing: Sassafras

Once upon a time, sassafras ruled the world – or at least early America.

Honey-Cardamom Roasted Pears

Pears take on a golden color and a deep flavor when you baste them with a combination of honey, butter, and spice while they’re roasting.

The Local Buzz

What amazing creatures. What an honor to spend even a little time outside observing what they do to make the world go round.

En Plein Chilmark

A garden lives on in memory of the painter who created it.

From the Editor

It’s the oldest complaint in the world. At least as old as “God said to Abraham, ‘Kill me a son.’” And Abe, who God apparently thought wasn’t grateful enough for the world he’d been given, said “Man, you must be putting me on.” (Dylan 6:1) The real problem, of course, was that God wasn’t sure that Abe was willing to make the sacrifices necessary to get along in the world. “Young people these days,” the old deity might have been thinking of Abe, who was a hundred years old but still young enough to be siring a kid with his equally ancient wife, Sarah.

Fixated in Stone

Sculptor and stoneworker Eben Armer has a passion for granite, as poet and dock builder Steve Ewing discovered one hot summer afternoon.

Personal Style

An East Chop classic reflects the interior design flair of its owner.

Man With a Plan

Patrick Ahearn has had a hand in designing more than 160 projects in Edgartown and shows no sign of slowing down.

Encyclopedia Vineyardia: L

Freeman Leonard; Deborah/Francis Lewis; Lobsterville; Lucas Shoal; Nancy Luce; and John Lumbert.