Have you ever tromped through a pond to get to a good beach or bought a pricey ticket to attend a fundraiser that was actually fun? You must be on the Vineyard!

Moira C. Silva

One man claims to have stood on the Norton Point beach nearly sixty years ago, at the very moment it gave way almost beneath his feet, opening Katama Bay to the Atlantic.

It was the afternoon of August 31, 1954, and J. Gordon “Pete” Ogden III – an Oak Bluffs native, paleobotanist, and specialist in the study of inland waters – later wrote that he went for a walk along the bay side of Norton Point just a few hours after a hurricane had spun out to sea.

Tom Dunlop

In the usual quirky way of Chappaquiddickers, they often call their home an island even during those eras when it’s very much a peninsula, attached to the rest of Martha’s Vineyard by the barrier beach known as Norton Point. And Norton Point is so-called even though it has no “point” at all. But why? And who was Norton?

Tom Dunlop

This spring Tiffany Smalley of Aquinnah becomes the second Island Wampanoag to graduate from Harvard College. Here she reflects on her connections with the first – who lived 350 years ago.

Tiffany Smalley

To survive the chilly economic winds of Martha’s Vineyard, one generally has two choices: Patch together several jobs into a livelihood, or start your own business.

Jim Miller

If you’re not an Islander, that doesn’t mean your child can’t be one. The number of Vineyard births is increasing, along with the maternity resources at the new hospital and among private providers across Martha’s Vineyard.

Moira C. Silva

Some sturdy fishing line and a pair of really strong arms saved two men – a father and his son – from drowning in the opening at Norton Point.

Tom Dunlop

Not only did the Screen Actors Guild strike earlier this year keep Amy Brenneman from spending much time at her Vineyard home, but she joined a coalition of actors that call themselves Unite for Strength.

Unite for Strength will challenge the slate of candidates running for election in September. Why? Unite for Strength claims they dropped the ball in negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

Brooks Robards