Thanks to our friends the winter moths, there’s no shortage of dead trees on the Island – chances are you may even have a few on your property. Here are a few tips on how to take those trees down, trim off the branches, and leave your own limbs intact.

Geoff Currier


Island Air-Traffic Control

As we sat in the control tower, Michelle Meyers, the tower manager of the Martha’s Vineyard Airport, glanced out at the horizon and said, “All right, see this plane coming in?”

How it Works: Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

When you walk out to our backyard, the first thing you’ll notice is that CDs are hanging from the branches of many of our bushes. It’s not because we want our forsythias to look like gypsies; it’s to scare away the damn deer.

How it Works: Iceboating

This winter, when you’re cozied up to the wood stove, know that there is a group of hardy souls out at Squibnocket screaming around the pond at speeds that would get you pulled over on 495.

How to Land a Big Bass

You’re on the south shore, suited up in Neoprene waders with a watertight top and a fisherman’s life jacket.

How it Works: How to Paint a Landscape

There’s no easy answer to the question, how do you paint a landscape?

Noble Goals

There’s a soccer league of nations at play on the fields of the Vineyard.

How it Works: Pumpout Boats

In the movie Quackster Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx, Gene Wilder plays a fellow who earns his living going down the streets scooping up horse droppings, then selling them for fertilizer. He becomes one of the most beloved men in Dublin.

Derby at Duarte's Pond

Sixth grader Jake LaPierre of Vineyard Haven looked forward to his fifth trout-fishing tournament, sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club and held May 7 at Duarte’s Pond in West Tisbury. The magazine gave Jake a disposable camera and asked him to create his own photographic album of the day. Undaunted by the gale that afflicted the tournament, Jake shot a role of film in the darkness of the tent, and when the deluge let up a bit, at the pond’s edge. His favorite shot: “A kid and his family, fishing, even though it’s raining.

How it Works: Lifeguarding

Okay, you try looking out into the glaring sun for hours on end while keeping track of three or four hundred people, and then tell us that being a lifeguard is a cushy job.

How it Works: The Fresnel Lens

In 1822 Fresnel invented the most important breakthrough in lighthouse lights in two thousand years.