It was an offer Bob Tankard couldn’t refuse. With the Island bowling-deprived since the 1990s and the new Barn Bowl and Bistro set to open its doors in Oak Bluffs, pent up kegler energy was rising to potentially dangerous levels. Fortunately, one of the owners of the new bowling venue knew the job of channeling kingpin karma would be, dare we say, right up Tankard’s alley and he appointed him the first Bowling Commissioner of Martha’s Vineyard.

Geoff Currier

For years I’ve been going to the dump and dutifully separating my recyclables, and then every once in a while someone will say to me: You know, they just throw all that stuff into one big truck and haul it away – what’s the point?

Geoff Currier

Rarer even than an irruption of snowy owls is the chance to skate all the way from Aquinnah to Edgartown. A remembrance of a time gone by.

Stan Hart

Winter sports are a not-so-secret pleasure of Island life in the season between late fall beachcombing and the thrilling arrival of snowdrops. All the more so because the appearance of ideal conditions cannot be predicted or promised. Only anticipated and prepared for.

Nicole Grace Mercier

If the Amish played more tennis, I feel quite certain that this is the way they would go about winterizing their courts.

Geoff Currier

Homeowners go solar on the Vineyard to save the planet and to save money. For Llewellyn Rogers, the priority was reducing his electric bill. In less than four months he saved more thna $1,000 on electricity costs.

Olivia Hull

I once had a friend who lived in an old farmhouse that had a five-foot blue racer snake living inside the walls. I asked him why he didn’t have it removed and he tersely replied: No mice.

Geoff Currier