The buyers of a historic – but wildly overgrown – home on Vineyard Haven harbor discover a waterfront garden waiting to take root, expand, and grow.

Jeanne Campbell

On the Vineyard, a club of dedicated horticulturists practices the ancient and meticulous skill of growing trees in miniature.

Sally Bennett

Using glass and color ingeniously to bring light and landscapes into spaces where Vineyarders live and learn and play.

Joyce Wagner

When buying or replacing windows, which saves more money over the long term: single-glazed with storm windows or double-glazed?

Norman Lobb, E.C. Cottle Inc.,Lambert’s Cove

Tom Dresser

A gardener observes as nature achieves a sense of balance in a Chappaquiddick greenhouse.

Margarent Knight

Each daylily blossom lasts only a day. But though it’s beauty is fleeting, it is useful year-round. Every part of it, except for its roots, can be eaten.

Laura D. Roosevelt

When you walk out to our backyard, the first thing you’ll notice is that CDs are hanging from the branches of many of our bushes. It’s not because we want our forsythias to look like gypsies; it’s to scare away the damn deer.

Geoff Currier

My strategy is to plant a little more than I need of everything, do my imperfect best at pest control, then resign myself to sharing some of my bounty with the critters and insects.

Laura D. Roosevelt