Twenty-five years ago my husband, David, and I pooled our resources with my folks and owned a second home in the Katama area of Edgartown.

Marcia Lynne Gabriel

In 1972, my parents divorced after twenty-two years of marriage, and my mother became a peony thief.

Laura D. Roosevelt

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Nicki Miller

Robins banish winter’s chill,And pinkletinks resume their trill,But little else can match the thrillOf spring’s first cookout on the grill! 


As the Martha’s Vineyard ferry departed Vineyard Haven during a January nor’easter, photographer Wayne Smith of West Tisbury tried to use a rainhood for his lens, but it was snowing and blowing so hard in his face, it wasn’t doing much good. “I was basically shooting through this little tunnelas the boat pulled out,” he says. “Something summer visitors never see or even consider.” For some year-rounders, snowstorms are a rare but welcomeoccurrence on the Island, for the drama and beauty they add to winter here.

A photo essay with style and safety tips for walkers during hunting season.

Samantha Barrow

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Nicki Miller

The maple grieves her scarlet leaves;The woods seem bleak and dead,Till hunters dressed in hat and vestContribute DayGlo red.