Through the years, our land on Chappaquiddick has yielded some surprises. My peach tree began as a volunteer in a friend’s garden, a sprout from her compost pile.

Margaret Knight

Hawaiian Punch and ruby Twizzlers...


One foggy July day at Lucy Vincent Beach, my four baby-sitting charges and I built a sand castle. It was my first summer on the Island.

Luanne Rice

I feel as if I’m in graduate school and Martha’s Vineyard is my field of study.

Nicki Miller

Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck, an Aquinnah Wampanoag, graduated from Harvard College in 1665, the first Native American to earn an undergraduate degree there. This excerpt from Caleb’s Crossing, a new historical novel by Pulitzer Prize–winning author Geraldine Brooks, imagines Caleb’s first encounter with the book’s fictional young narrator, Bethia Mayfield, the daughter of an early Island minister.

Peonies and rambling roses...


Painting is a simple way to spruce up a house. And when times are tough, color offers an economical way to brighten your outlook too.

Nicki Miller

“New England hospitality” is not exactly a phrase that rolls off the tongue like, say, “Southern hospitality.”

Perry Garfinkel


Movies on His Mind

It’s summer and Thomas Bena of Chilmark is thinking about two things: movies and money. He thinks about movies all the time since he started the Martha’s Vineyard Independent Film Festival. As for the money, he thinks about where he might find a quantity of it to fund the festival next year, its fifth. He’s not going the easy, usual, high-
season fund-raising route.

Welcome to the Island (Well, Sort Of)

You know that if you have a home on Martha’s Vineyard, you occupy a special place in the hearts of your mainland friends – a place that coincides neatly with their weeklong summer vacations.

You’ll recall it was barely springtime when the phones started ringing. “We were wondering. . . .” “Hey, what are you doing. . . .” “We had a fantastic idea! Why don’t you plan to come and visit us in the fall, but this summer, we. . . .” You’ve heard it all before, right?

Chirps & Beeps

These are the sounds I hear on an early spring morning.

Naming Netcher

One of the few things my father and I held in common was the place where our passions intersected – the water.

Getting There from Here. Trials of a Vineyard Traveler

I may have been smart enough to move to Martha’s Vineyard, but now that I live here, I can’t figure out how to leave.

Island Time

It’s springtime and the air on Martha’s Vineyard is filled with prospects of renewal, growth, and the abundance of change.