Exactly seventy years ago this season, Nelson Bryant of West Tisbury was in Europe, having dropped by parachute into German-occupied Holland. “On December 17, my regiment wasordered to prepare for immediate movement to the Bulge and I was apprehensive as we rushed to gather weapons, ammunition, clothing, and K-rations,” he wrote in his new memoir, Mill Pond Joe.

“I had wanted to jump into Normandy and Holland, but the thought of more combat, particularly in winter, depressed me.”

Paul Schneider

I flew cross-country past the trees.Two roads diverged between my skis.Which way to go? No time to pick!(Thank heavens 9-1-1 came quick.)


Our intrepid columnist returns for another talk with the birds. Their advice: “You’re a bird brain, but that can be illuminating. Relax and enjoy the ride”.

Wes Craven

With all the available posts in the Island’s Poet Laureate Industrial Complex successfully filled, and so many eclectic cross sections of the Vineyard community seemingly faceless, it’s time to implement laureate infrastructure into all walks of Martha’s Vineyard living.

Charlie Nadler

A  few readers recently wrote to say my talking to birds, and worse, claiming they were talking back to me, was abnormal behavior and constituted a cry for help. They thought I should have my head examined. 

Wes Craven