“Martha’s Vineyard is a special place.” This oft-repeated phrase may or may not be true generally, but when it comes to money, it’s false. Money behaves the same here as everywhere else, and so do people.

By Jim Miller


When I moved to the Vineyard five years ago this fall, I hadn’t lived here seasonally or even vacationed on-Island before. I basically came here cold. Now I realize there are some basic themes to living here (and many of the articles in this magazine correspond).

By Nicki Miller


Silence falls as autumn hits...

By D.A.W.


It was the pigs’ fault, I guess....

By Susie Middleton


If you think fishing for blues and stripers from a kayak might be a little outside your comfort zone, consider this: Kayaks were originally invented by the Inuit for hunting and fishing, and their prey often included whales. Just to put things in perspective.

By Geoff Currier


September and October are two of the Island’s best months. By the time summer fades, that famed New England autumn is in full swing, and it’s warm enough to enjoy it. This time of year is also the unofficial Island festival season – with several weekend-long events to suit a variety of interests. Our picks for these months remind us why we love the Island’s shoulder season.

By Simone McCarthy


Sergei de Somov was legendary in Island fishing circles. Artist and fellow angler Kib Bramhall writes about the three-time Derby winner in his new book, Bright Waters, Shining Tides: Reflections on a Lifetime of Fishing.

By Kib Bramhall


The Vineyard Artisans Festivals provide both a lively marketplace for some of the best Island creations and a supportive network for artists and craftsmen.

By Remy Tumin


Developed with men in mind, broga has garnered a devoted following on the Island in recent years.

By Justin Ahren


They nourish the land as well as our lives. One afternoon I walked into my house and there was a chicken in the kitchen. The side door had blown open, and Dark Beak had come inside, presumably to check on the spider population. She has a passion for spiders, and she knows what kind of housecleaners we are – it wasn’t the first time she’d been inside.

By Margaret Knight


It is a little disconcerting how much sex ospreys have.

By Suzan Bellincampi


Overnighting at the Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground has become a tradition for many, and newcomers continue to be lured by its many charms.

By Karla Araujo